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Find Food Near You 

Acting swipe through different places to eat nearby to help you make your choice of restaurant

Capture Your Memories

Create a memory montage that captures your cherished memories at your favorite restaurants 

Connect With Others

Share your cherished memories with only the people of your choosing


Memories Help Create Other Memories

The memories you create on OnePlate will help others nearby find a place to eat to capture their own memories

Get Social With Your Food

Like and comment on your favorite memories and share the love

Memory Video Montage

Every month OnePlate will send you a special video that shows all your memories specially catered for that month

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How it works

What's OnePlate?

We created OnePlate to inspire the food loving culture and enrich their experience when dining out.  Food is the universal language in all parts of the world, and, whether you're a food blogger, food junkie, or someone that wants that perfect plate - OnePlate will help you find that plate via memories.  Capture your memories beautifully while helping others create their own.  So get out there and start creating memories, one plate at a time.

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